Ravange is a cross between an Egyptian sphinx and a Greek chimera. It was created by an Egyptian Priestess, Clara Tantra, and fuses the power of the lion, goat, eagle, dragon, and cobra together along with hers. It inhibits the Sangypt stage.


Warzard / Red Earth



Capcom Fighting Collection


Page Updated:  Jan. 19th, 2022

Ravange is a totally cool RPG-like boss that I'm glad exists in a Capcom fighting game. We don't deserve late 90's CPS3 Capcom. Anyhow, Ravange definitely looks like a boss from Final Fantasy or similar JRPGs. Rightfully so, he fits in well as a late-in-the-game boss in Warzard.

Characters like this make me wish Capcom made more games for CPS3. The potential was crazy. Long live 2D animation!

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