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Nameless was created to replace K9999 in the KOF 2002: UM roster due to the copyright issues surrounding K9999. The man known as Nameless is the 9,999th K' clone and the only survivor of "Project Ж". He has no name and is known by NESTS by his codename 'Ж' or "Zhe Prime". For as long as he can remember, he knew only pain and suffering as a test experiment. He and his "brothers" (other clones dubbed as "K' children") were tested to see how normal DNA could withstand the Kusanagi DNA due to their unprecedented success with K'. Most of his brothers either exploded or suffered from severe burns from the genetic mutation. Nameless himself has come close to death at least 180 times. Eventually, the scientists learned that it required strong will power to keep the flame in check and focused on painful endurance tests.

Nameless lived a miserable existence until he spotted a beautiful, yet sad girl named Isolde. Whenever he was badly injured, he would see her near the infirmary. Though he was usually too wounded to speak to her, he fell in love with her. The thought of one day being with her kept him alive through his merciless training and experiments. Once the laboratory members deemed him fit to wield the Kusanagi flame, his custom glove was grafted onto his right arm. The glove is meant to enhance his strength of will, which would theoretically make him as adept as Kyo. A similar glove design was originally planned for K' but he left before it can be used on him.

After the final testing with his glove was complete, he was sent to earth to test his combat capabilities. He unintentionally killed a woman by merely tapping her shoulder. Impressed by the results, he became an assassin for NESTS. On one of his assignments, he cornered a man who was trying to escape from the syndicate. In a bid to spare his life, the escapee confessed the truth behind Isolde.

She was a part of the Anti K' (Kula) Project and was given the power to control ice. However, her abilities were deemed to be inadequate until she saw Nameless. Seeing the connection between the two subjects, NESTS allowed the two to routinely see one another to bring out their full potential. Regrettably, Isolde died from her testing. Rather than waste her progress, NESTS crafted her DNA into Nameless's glove. Her abilities keep the flames pacified until those needed for use.

Nameless doesn't know if he should believe the man, but realizes that his words have weight to them, as he hasn't seen Isolde since he received his glove. Not wanting to risk losing Isolde, he unquestionably follows any orders he's given by NESTS. He hopes to one day return her to her rightful body.

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Page Updated:  Jan. 12th, 2021

The fact that Nameless was created to replace K9999 due to licensing issues makes him an interestingly unique character, I suppose... lol. A character created out of the fear of a lawsuit? Funny stuff, SNK.

Visually, Nameless is a fairly cool design I suppose. He definitely has a Krizalid vibe about him. He also reminds me of Lars from TEKKEN (although, Nameless did actually come first). Did he inspire Lars? Knowing Namco, it's actually possible! Haha. In the actual game, I think his animations could've been smoother. The dude already looks like an ancient 2D sprite upon his debut, and that's kinda sad... K9999's sprite and animations were definitely better.

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