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Mila is an up-and-coming MMA fighter who has made a clean sweep of many tournaments. Zack challenges her to a fight to see for himself if she's ready for the Dead or Alive 5 tournament. Mila wins, and now looks to make her dream a reality.
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Dead or Alive 5

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Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, DOA5: Last Round, Dead or Alive 6


Page Updated:  June 6th, 2019

You don't see too many MMA fighters in fighting games, so Mila gets some originality points from the start. She's your basic UFC girl... her fighting style has some typical MMA moves, and she represents the style/sport pretty well... but overall, nothing too exciting.

Although a bit generic, Mila's outfits aren't terrible and actually mange to distinguish her from the other females of DOA. Her personality is a bit dry... and she doesn't like to make many facial expresions. She reminds me of a typical under-developed female character from and early PS2 game. At least she's a "fighter"... which is good for a fighting game. lol. 

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