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Yan Leixia
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Leixia is a cute teenage girl, her facial features resemble her mother Xianghua, her hairstyle in based on a traditional Chinese hairstyle worn by young women. She is wearing an elegant outfit inspired by the blue lotus flower. She also has Kilik's pendant attached to her collar and some are speculating that Kilik is her father.

Though Leixia's father was a general in the armies of the Ming Dynasty, it was her mother, Xianghua, who gave her a taste for adventure. Xianghua entranced her daughter with tales of her quest to find the Hero's Sword, and the boy she fell in love with along the way. Leixia never learned what happened to the boy, but the stories filled her with excitement and wanderlust. "When I grow up, we'll see the world together, Mother!" She said.

Leixia never forgot the promise she made her mother, and she spent her youth practicing sword fighting in anticipation of their travels. But on her 15th birthday, everything changed. Leixia's younger brother gifted her a pendant set with a blue stone; when she showed it to her mother, Xianghua grew frantic and immediately ran to her husband. "I don't want Leixia exposed to the outside world. I want her to become one of the emperor's wives!" Leixia was sure it was the sight of the pendant that had caused this dramatic change in her mother. She escaped the family mansion and set out to discover why. "I don't have much to go on, but I'll figure it out," she resolved to herself. "After all, this is my destiny!" At last, the time had come to venture out into the world of clashing swords and sweeping romance that she'd dreamed about for so long...
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Soul Calibur 5

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Soul Calibur: Lost Swords


Page Updated:  June 7th, 2024

As Xianghua's successor in Soul Calibur 5, Leixia uses her mother's trademark fighting style, but adds her own flair some of Xianghua's classic moves. She's definitely not quite as graceful as her mother, but she has a good selection of her own unique moves & mannerisms. Also worth noting, is that she's less annoying than Xianghua (in English)... AKA: No more "just kidding! just kidding! just kidding!" :)

Naturally, Leixia resembles Xianghua visually, and her attire is like a hybrid of some of Xianghua's past outfits. The fact that she wears Kilik's pendant also hints that he may be her father... which would be pretty cool in terms of storyline. I'm thinking Xianghua & Kilik hooked up between SC4 and SC5.... hahaha, nice going Kilik! 

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