Kim Hae-Ryeong


Kim Hae-Ryeong is a Korean warrior who has defeated many evil doers in the name of justice. He travels to Japan as an emissary where he witnesses Angelica killing an assassin. He decides to go after her, sensing the great evil surrounding her. In his ending, he spots her but realizes that she no longer has a killing intent. Convinced that people can change for the better, Hae-Ryeong leaves her alone and proceeds on his journey.


Samurai Shodown Sen





Page Updated:  Apr. 19th, 2023

Why are there so many SNK characters with the name "Kim"... and why do they all share similarities? Interestingly, Kim Hae-Ryeong has some moves comparable to moves used by Kim Sue Il and Kim Kaphwan.

Hae-Ryeong has a few decent staff techniques and animations... but SoulCalibur's Kilik just makes him look like a novice. On that note, Hae-Ryeong's outfit also might've been somewhat inspired by Kilik's. Overall, he's a mildly cool character on Sen's roster... but like many others from Sen, suffers from being boring.

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