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Khyber was one of four Bison Troopers to be experimented and turned into cyborgs. He has undergone rigorous physical training. Their mission is to eliminate Guile and his forces. The other known Bison Troopers are F7, Blade, and Arkane.


Street Fighter: The Movie




Page Updated:  June 6th, 2020

Ohhh man. Do I really need to say anything? As if Street Fighter: The Movie wasn't enough a rip off of Mortal Kombat... they had to put poor man's Cyrax in the game. He's laughable but somehow I'm glad he exists.

Fast forward to 2016: "Whaaat? We get a redesign in 2D art form? Crazy times we're livin' in." While he didn't actually appear in SFV, it's cool to have new art of an ancient character that Capcom will never actually bring back. His new revamped design looks like he could fit into Akatsuki Blitzkampf.

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