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Kappah Nosuke
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Kappah is a sub-boss of Star Gladiator and secret character. He shares a few of Gerelt's special moves, although the characters are in no way related. An unknown turtle-like green-skinned alien that comes from Planet Kappa and wields a Plasma Spear in battle. He is based on a Japanese folklore creature known as a Kappa, which is a type of water sprite that usually inhabits various ponds and rivers throughout most of Japan.

Kappah and his race are known for having a military and war-like lifestyle on their home planet and that all of them despise peace and friendship, living only for war and fighting. Kappah himself has a bitter and belligerent nature and personality, that lead him to join Bilstein and the Fourth Empire, who in turn would promise to defend his home planet from any potential outside threats.

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Page Updated:  April 3rd, 2014

Kappah was KAPPA... before KAPPA was a thing. I suppose Kappah is sort of interesting since the character is based on a weird Japanese folklore creature. I don't see how that sort of thing fits into Star Gladiator per se, but hey... it's a Capcom character.

Kappah is basically an awkward Ninja Turtles reject.... Also, he possibly has the ugliest in-game character model in fighting game history. He's only effective in Star Gladiator as in how bizarre he is. He doesn't even have a proper character selection portrait... but instead... a pair of cucumbers. 0_o It's official, the Star Gladiator dev-team was definitely on drugs. Or they were just trolling us... before trolling was a thing.

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