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This man was once a friend of David, but had since joined the Organization and traded his humanity for dark powers. He participates in the third Toshinden tournament.


Battle Arena Toshinden 3




Page Updated:  Sept. 12th, 2019

Clearly, David & Judgement are clone designs in Toshinden 3... David being default character, Judgement the unlockable one. Seems fair. Judgement would be the more "obvious" chainsaw user by looks alone (opposed to the clean cut David) - and he's cool in his own way I suppose. He's definitely something the fighting game universe hasn't seen yet (unless they're a fan of classic horror films, that is). Indeed, Judgement seems somewhat inspired by Jason Vorhees, although he's using Leatherface's weapon.

For some random reason... I also feel like posting a link to Freddy Krueger's profile on here. lol.

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