Jean Kujo


Jean Kujo is a French karateka and a brainwashed assassin for J6. Following Goh Hinogami's defeat at the hands of Jacky Bryant in the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, he now gets his chance to prove his worth. He soon decides to target Lion Rafale specifically, unaware that they used to be childhood friends.


Virtua Fighter 5 R

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Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown , Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown


Page Updated:  Mar. 16th, 2022

Long, silver hair.... an evil personality? .... Not another Sephiroth clone! (Talking about the actual FFVII storyline here! lol). Jokes aside, Jean Kujo's gothic-looking karate attire and dark personality are pretty cool right off the bat, especially in VF. I have mixed feelings about his silver hair, but color-scheme-wise, at least he's an original-looking fighting game character (although... there is Violent Ken).

If you're not a fan of Jean's default get-up, he does have a huge variety of customization options. He seems to fancy the Japanese goth/punk clothing style outside of his Karate Gi, which earns him my seal of approval for "coolness". He has a sort-of straight-forward karate-based fighting style, which seems quite a bit inspired by Jin Kazama's. On that note, Jean even has the same initials as Jin... hmm. Aside from that, he does have a good amount of moves that define him as an original fighter. Lastly, the VF series is short on characters with "darker" personalities... so Jean definitely helps with the imbalance. He's one of my favorite characters to use in VF5: FS.

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