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Recently Hom's body had become weak. He was worried that his master, Fei, had done this to him on purpose.  As long as he suffered from this condition and did not have (some kind of permit), he could never be independent. Thinking this, Hom saw Fei as an incentive to enter the 99th Tournament. Fei opposed Hom's entry saying "You will stop on your way to your goal", but Hom didn't understand his meaning.  Ignoring Fei, Hom proceeded to enter the contest.


Tobal No. 1


Tobal 2



Page Updated:  Apr. 25th, 2024

Hmm... was Hom an early rejected Combot prototype? And wow, that is one creepy robot face if I ever seen one. His fighting stance makes me laugh. On that note, he might be one of Tobal's most entertaining characters. He's got the extendable limbs like Dhalsim and actually looks pretty cool while fighting.

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