Gordon Bowman


Gordon is a successful police officer who carries an electric weapon called a Stantofar. His daughter is deathly ill and he is fighting for the money to support her medical attention.


Savage Reign


Kizuna Encounter


Page Updated:  Sep. 12th, 2023

My God... Gordon is one sleazy, uber-creepy police officer of the future. Somehow, that almost makes him likeable and interesting as a design. At the least, I'd say Gordon is one of the most visually memorable characters from Savage Reign and Kizuna Encounter. The Zangief-inspired hairy chest of death might have something to do with it. That thing is f*cking scary. The dude is pretty good with a tonfa, too.

On a side note: Some old school Capcom fans like me might say he's somewhat of a rip-off of Final Fight's Edi E.... and we already mentioned copying Zangief's chest hair.

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