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Edi E.


Edi E. used to be an honest security guard, but he was corrupted by the Mad Gear Gang. With the promise of large sums of money that his former job could never have given him, Edi E. became an enforcer for the gang. Using his billy club and gun, he controlled the West side of Metro City until he was defeated by Mike Haggar, Cody, and Guy. The Mad Gear was disbanded shortly thereafter, and Edi E. was forced to once again make an honest living.

Edi E. first appeared as a boss in Capcom's classic arcade beat-em-up, Final Fight. He also appears in Street Fighter Alpha 3 during one of Cody's win animations.
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Final Fight Revenge

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Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Support), Street Fighter Alpha 3: Max (Support)


Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

When I first played Final Fight in 1989, this mofo really pissed me off when he used that gun. Edi didn't even care if he shot his own guys, as long as he hit me too!!! My jaw pretty much dropped when I saw that.... You gotta admit, that was pretty damn epic for a game in 1989. Edi was retardedly overpowered in Final Fight, which made kicking his ass that much more satisfying. lol.

Alas, like most characters in Final Fight: Revenge, Edi's fighting game debut was laughable at best. However, his cameo in SFA3 during Cody's win sequence was (and still is) beyond epic though. "Co-dyyyy... *BANG BANG!* All in all, I always thought he was a really effective bad guy in Final Fight

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