The 27 year old captain of the flying ship, Gran Seven, he hunts down those who would deny others their freedom. Freed fights by taking advantage of his strength, utilizing powerful charges.


Battle Fantasia





Page Updated:  Sept. 28th, 2020

Aaayyyy, Captain Kidd's... Dad? Grandpa? I dunno. At first glance, Freed's appearance really doesn't say much to me. He looks like a  typical Halloween pirate (not in a terrible way). He's cool, generic... but perhaps better than your ultra-generic friend who dresses up as Batman for Halloween. I find it humorous that May from Guilty Gear fights with an oversized anchor... while Freed from Battle Fantasia fights with an oversized hook hand. If they were a team in a tag-team fighting game, I could get behind that. Where the hell do they go shopping for their oversized weapons anyway? Must be the same shop. It would be "giant world" from Super Mario 3. This is getting random, but I'm having fun and I hope you are too.

Like many other Battle Fantasia characters, the best part about Freed is easily his fighting style. The way he fights is similar to Balrog from Street Fighter (with a little Guile mixed in). Basically, he uses a lot of charge / dashing moves - which are always fun fighting game characters IMO. His super moves are pretty decent as well.

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