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Filia was once just an average schoolgirl, but one day woke up without any memories and a second mouth on the back of her head. She was now playing host to a Parasite named Samson, an unruly mop of demonic hair with incredible power. With no memories or anyone to turn to for help, if she ever hopes to piece together her past and survive the inevitable clash with the Skullgirl, Filia will need to trust this mysterious being.
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Skullgirls Encore, Skullgirls 2nd Encore



Page Updated:  Oct. 8th, 2018

Filia has that heroic look about her, and seems to be the Ryu of Skullgirls. For starters, she shares a few of Ryu's stoic facial expressions, and even some of her move commands are done the same way (QCF+P, QCB+K). 

At first glance, Filia has typical schoolgirl attire, but definitely not typical hair... which she uses as a weapon in a variety of ways, of course. She may have taken some inspiration from Millia Rage, but she's got some unique attributes. While she's interesting, I think her in-game personality is slightly dull at times. Nonetheless, she represents what Skullgirls is all about. 

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