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Eric Lecarde


Eric Lecarde was born on May 3, 1892 in Segovia, Spain into a wealthy family. The Lecarde family was related to the Belmonts by blood, and were entrusted in the 19th century by Alucard with a magical spear that he had created to compliment and assist the Vampire Killer Whip. Eric volunteered to take his friend's place in the hunt, wielding the Alucard Spear. However, he had not told John the real reason behind his appetite for vengeance: the Countess turned the love of his life, Gwendolyn, into a vampire.

Eric's Castlevania: Judgment storyline is as follows: While still a youth, Eric was entrusted with the Alucard Spear. Alucard had taken notice of Eric's potential and may have had a role in determining that he should be the spear's successor, but Eric may have been unaware of any of his involvement. Eric would diligently train with the spear and would also master many spells. Eric would grow to resent that the whip was held in higher regard than the spear. He believed that the awesome power of the spear could be used on its own without the need of the whip, at least in his hands. He grew arrogant and started to consider himself as an adult and would come and go from his home as he pleased.

On one such trip, when Eric was fifteen years old, he entered a time rift and met Aeon, who told him that this was where he would find what he desired, provided he could pass certain tests. Eric was glad to have a chance to prove the worthiness of himself and his spear and agreed. On his journey, he met with the spear's creator, Alucard, who reiterated that the spear was not meant to be used beyond supporting the whip. Eric defeated him to prove him wrong. He also faced Trevor Belmont, and after defeating him believed he proved his lance superior to the whip. He faced Maria Renard, who was famous in her time for having a power that rivaled or surpassed that of a Belmont, and upon defeating her believed that he was more than ready to defeat Dracula on his own, this story is not considered canon. He then returned to his normal place in time.
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Castlevania Judgment




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Page Updated:  June 26th, 2019

I guess I haven't played any of the Castlevania games that Eric is seen in, because I don't recognize him from his early artworks. His Castlevania Judgment re-design is interesting none the less, even though he's apparently a very feminine young boy... lol. His voice in the game's story mode even sounds like it's done by a girl, I'm pretty sure it is. Anyhow, his Lance fighting style is halfway decent, considering what the game has to offer. 

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