Despero first appeared in Justice League of America #1, and was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowky. In his early appearances, he appeared of normal build. His current bulked-up look is a result of having bathed in the Flame of Py'tar, a power-giving flame from his native planet Kalanor, which he enslaved and conquered with his psychic abilities. In his first appearance the Justice League liberated the planet from his rule, and he has sworn vengeance ever since.

Despero has gone through virtually as many transformations as the League itself. Initially conceived as a physically weak, mind-controlling tyrant with a penchant for playing chess for the fates of his enemies, he was later redesigned to be a physical powerhouse fueled by his burning, all-consuming hatred of the Justice League.

The Flame of Py'tar gave Despero great physical strength that has been shown in one storyline to be superior to Superman and Captain Marvel, being able to simultaneously defeat both, along with Wonder Woman and Power Girl. His durability, while always high, varies in intensity: at one point he was able to easily withstand simultaneous physical attacks by the combined forces of the JLA and JSA, on another occasion Aquaman was strong enough to throw a piece of steel rebar into his shoulder, as well as having a group of sharks bite into him, causing the villain to bleed.

Also very intelligent, he is skilled as both a warrior and tyrant. His hypnotic third eye is directly connected to his brain, giving him telepathic powers that on one occasion have been depicted as surpassing those of the Martian Manhunter. It is also capable of projecting realistic illusions and entrancing virtually any sentient being. It can also project beams of telekinetic energy enabling the teleportation of matter anywhere in the universe. In his "spirit" form, Despero can possess any living being, granting the victim the strength and telepathic abilities of his own body.

In his first appearance, Despero used a teleportation machine which resembled a chess set. It used pieces shaped like the Leaguers to move them to different locations. The machine was subsequently shown to be in the possession of the Weapon Master.

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He's probably one of DC's coolest looking villains... Too bad his fighting game debut was lame... mostly because Justice League: Task Force pretty much sucked in every way possible.

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