Blade of Red Earth is suit of armor brought to life by an emerald, which was created by Valdoll. It is Scion's most powerful creation and acts as his enforcer. Also, he has two forms and each one corresponds a round. In the 1st round he's with his normal clothes (a red cloak) and in the 2nd round he shows his body taking his cloak off. Inhabits the Darminor stage.


Warzard / Red Earth



Capcom Fighting Collection


Page Updated:  Feb. 23rd, 2022

While is name is painfully generic.... "Blade" is actually a pretty cool and original "evil knight" design. The intricacy behind the design and his proportions are very late 90's Capcom. Gotta love that huge rotating sword, too. In short, Blade was a very effective villain design in Warzard.

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