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Alpha-152 is the second clone of Kasumi created by DOATEC who was aiming to create the perfect fighter (Kasumi Alpha is the first clone). Alpha-152 seems to be made up of pure energy and was born with untainted hate of the world. Alpha-152 first appeared in DOA4 as an unplayable character.

Dead or Alive 4



Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate



Page Updated:  Oct. 28th, 2023

Tecmo pulled one of SNK's old tricks... "clones" of the main hero? *Yawn* Dural from Virtua Fighter also says "Hi" and wants some royalty fees. So in 2006, Alpha-152 is really Koei Tecmo attempting to make an interesting fighting game character? Green Jell-O version of Kasumi? -__- Trying to figure out what the inspiration or appeal is here. Wait a sec... Did those pervs really create this design just to have an excuse to make a "naked" Kasumi character model in the game? PC modders were going to do that anyway. lul. I can't think of any other logical reason for a design like this.

At best... you could say Alpha-154 has a few unique moves and combos (as ridiculous as they may be), but I don't understand how anyone can find this pervy palette swap of Kasumi even mildly interesting. Green Jell-O Kasumi's grunting noises are also super annoying. (She sounds like she's about to throw up.) Alpha-154 is just an annoying character on all levels. NEXT!

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