Shadow Dio


An alternate version of Dio... In the first Jojo series, Dio was the enemy of the then-hero Jonathan Joestar. On a sinking boat, Jonathan decapitated the vampire, but found himself attacked by the floating head. Dio's head stole Jonathan's body as the boat sank and had not been heard of for a hundred years. He returned, along with his own stand, the World. The ever charismatic vampire lives in a secluded mansion in Egypt where he hopes to hear of Joseph and Jotaro's deaths at the hands of his many henchmen. The World, is a robot-looking man with the power to stop time for several seconds.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Page Updated:   June 20th, 2019

Dio is a badass in the series, naturally making his alternate "faceless" shadow form badass as well. This version of Dio has some unique moves & mannerisms, though many animations are borrowed from the original Dio character animations... Understandably.

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