Setsuna is a powerful spirit of the underworld, let loose through Hell's Gate after Kagami was defeated. He took physical form on earth by entering the body of an infant that was killed amidst the confusion of battle. Now, his body is fully grown, and he appears a beautiful and youthful man; yet this masks the blackness of his soul. He is full of rage, a loathing for every living creature, both the spirits of his world and the humans that walk upon ours. And so he walks amongst them, seething with hatred against all life.

He finds Hibiki Takane's father, a master blacksmith, and orders him to make him a powerful, unbreakable sword. For eighty days, Hibiki's father wouldn't eat or sleep in order to create the blade. When he finishes it, he passes away. Setsuna continues his massacre while beginning his search for the Sealing Maiden. He plans to kill her to keep Hell's Gate open and to insure he would never have return to the Makai.
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The Last Blade 2


The Last Blade: Beyond The Destiny, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Dec. 16th, 2020

Setsuna is easily one of the coolest characters from the Last Blade series, and naturally one of my personal favorites. ;) The fact that this guy has a pet owl that carries his sword sheath is enough to make him a badass... but damn he sure is a badass all around... and in a subtle  way (possibly the most badass way?). Yes.

If you played Last Blade 2, you'd have to agree that Setsuna's fighting style is all around awesome. He's a straight-forward and fun character to use as well. Since his arrival in the series, I really couldn't imagine Last Blade without him. Awesome characters like Setsuna make me wish SNK would make a Samurai Shodown VS Last Blade game. At the least, I do hope he makes an appearance in a future SNK crossover.

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