Sean Matsuda

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Sean Matsuda was born in Brazil, but his paternal grandfather was Japanese, making Sean ½ Japanese, ½ Brazilian. Sean is a keen basketball player, and his main pastime is martial arts. At the U. S. Martial Arts Tournament, Sean saw veteran World Warrior Ken Masters in action and decided to seek him out for training.

Sean approached Ken on numerous occasions and asked to be trained by him, but Ken declined. Sean then entered the third World Warrior tournament is to prove that he is a worthy student, but was again unsuccessful and was defeated by Ken himself. Ken found Sean to be a nuisance, and instructed him to search for Ryu and not return until he has found and defeated him. Sean eventually found Ryu and challenged him, but was easily defeated and was badly injured. After recovering from his injuries, he spends an entire year training by himself. 

Later, Sean entered the U.S Martial Arts tournament to prove to Ken that he has become stronger. However, Sean lost during the qualifying rounds in front of Ken. Ken told him he lacks the discipline and experience necessary to become a true street fighter. Ken finally showed him a few moves, alongside his son, Mel.
Sean's extended family includes his older sister, Laura, his older brother, Fabio, his grandfather Kinjiro, his father Yuichiro, and his mother Brenda.
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Street Fighter III: New Generation


Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, Marvel Vs. Capcom (Support Character)

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Page Updated:  Jan. 15th, 2022

Sean really help set the "vibe" of the SFIII series. You could say Sean put the streets back in Street Fighter. Originally, Sean was going to be the only "shoto" fighter in SFIII, but (thankfully) Capcom decided they still needed Ken and Ryu (and Akuma). Sean came out being a cool shoto.... with his very unique spin on the classic shoto style moves. Indeed, he actually fights very differently from Ryu & Ken, especially as he developed in 2nd Impact and (especially) 3rd Strike. I also enjoyed seein his cameo in MVC1 during Ryu's intro. Good times.

While being a decent fighter (yet characteristically sloppy in some areas), Sean also provides some subtle comic relief for the series. Sean's hard-hitting super moves in SFIII: New Generation really helped define the animation style of the game... he hits hard when he gets serious! I still want to see Sean and Dan have it out. Heh.

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