Ryofu is a spear-wielding Chinese warrior and rival of J.Carn. One day he became bored, and started looking for more adventures. Ryofu was then approached by Zeus, who promised him more adventures if he worked for him. Ryofu accepted, but after finding out about Zeus' plans he decided to turn against him. He is based on the warlord Lu Bu of the Three Kingdoms era.


World Heroes 2 Jet


World Heroes Perfect, Card fighters Clash DS


Page Updated:  Oct. 7th, 2020

Ryofu looks like traditional Chinese warrior... with super-spiky anime hair. (Did they have hair gel back then?) In any case, Ryofu is pretty generic and unimaginative for a 90's fghting game character. His traditional armor looks cool... and he does sort of make sense as a World Heroes character (more-so than some of the other 'lop designs in the series), but again, Ryofu's special moves and moveset is pretty basic and stale. On a side note, his 2D sprite would fit into a Samurai Shodown game rather well.

Overall, I think Ryofu is a pretty forgettable fighting game character. He looks like he could be a generic "baddie" or stage boss in any random 90's beat-em-up game... or in Dynasty Warriors.

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