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Payak Sitipitak
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A 40 year old Muay Thai fighter who achieved the top welterweight athlete title in the Muay Thai circuit. He is a semi-retired national champion and decided to join Buriki One because he hasn't yet competed in an international competition. Payak is a serious person and loves his family very much. His son is apparently a fan of Joe Higashi.


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Page Updated:  Dec. 31st, 2020

Payak is a fairly normal-looking Muay Thai fighter. What I like about him? He's a 40-year old Muay Thai champion who can still kick... and kick hard as hell. That's a realistic and believable character right there! Shoutouts to all the real-life 40+ martial arts masters who stay in shape enough to kick for that long!

I'm not sure if the "90's mushroom hairstyle" is working for him... but it helps him stand out among the many other Muay Thai fighting game characters. I gotta say I do like Payak's 2P costume / second rendition with the mustache.

FUN FACT: Payak appears as a cameo in Silber's KOF XI intro... (see his animations page below). Looks like he took the L that day.

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