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An older prototype of the current Vector model, it was long deemed faulty by its creator for being too compassionate. After hearing that it has a "heart", it searches to know what it is before its energy runs out. After failing to gain answers from Bilstein, it encounters Ele who thinks it is another killer Vector. She soon realizes its true nature and explains that the "heart" the robot wants is something that is felt. As soon as it figures out what she means, its energy runs out. Years later, it is found by a pack of kids, one of who points out that the robot is smiling.


Plasma Sword






Page Updated:  Nov. 14th, 2012

To me, Omega is a cooler-looking robot than Vector, but still not a very exciting design. He just seems like a bad guy you want to blow up in a random 3rd person shooter game... lol.

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