Makoto Mizoguchi


Makoto Mizoguchi is a homeless vagabond who uses Jissen Karate as his fighting style. His goal is to perfect his fighting skills by trying to pick fights against random strangers and usually ends up the victory. He dropped out of high school and ran away from his home to join the fighting circuit. Using the techniques his father taught him, he was eventually scouted by the Chinese mafia to be their fighting champ. He is usually sent to take out his employer's rivals. As time passed, however, Mizoguchi got homesick and wanted to leave the gang. In each tournament he participates in, he tries to escape from his master only to get dragged into another hit for them.

In The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation "A", Mizoguchi somehow escaped from the mafia and visits his home. He hears of the King of Fighters tournament from his father and gets fired up to enter. He challenges his father's student, Lucky Glauber, to attempt to get his invitation and is victorious. After, Mizoguchi heads off for his first tournament run in years.

FUN FACT: Makoto Mizoguchi made a cameo appearance in Joe & Mac Returns as an enemy and in the Suiko Enbu series as a playable character alongside Yungmie.


Fighter's History

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Fighter's History Dynamite, The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Regulation A


Page Updated:  Feb. 20th, 2023

This guy makes me laugh! Mizoguchi looks like the ugliest version of Ryu - (obviously from SF2: The World Warrior). Although Mizoguchi is notoriously one of the most infamous Ryu rip-offs, he actually has a certain coolness and humor about him. While some of his priority moves are straight-up Chinese bootlegs of Ryu's, he's got some arguably cool attacks and seems like a proper rugged martial artist at least. His "tiger projectile" move was pretty cool looking for the time!

Even though I was never much of a Fighter's History fan, it was neat to see Mizoguchi return in KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A... He has some pretty funny animations in that game (especially his running animation). Also, his "Heihachi-style" second player (fundoshi) attire in Maximum Impact was entertaining as well! Mizoguchi isn't afraid to show his ass cheeks (see PAGE 2). ^o^ Lastly, I wonder what the backstory is behind Falcoon's "red skin" version of ol' Guch via the concept artwork on PAGE 2? "The Miz" must be an angry fella, or he's got half of Gill's powers.

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