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Miharu Hirano
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Miharu is Ling Xiaoyu's best friend and fellow schoolmate at Mishima High School. Miharu is an 18 year old Japanese schoolgirl who practices the same martial arts moves as her best friend. Like Jin Kazama, Miharu also calls Ling "Xiao" as a nickname. She is also friends with Panda and Alisa. Miharu Hirano made her first appearance in Tekken 4 as an secret character, using the same style as Xiaoyu.
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Page Updated:  Mar. 2nd, 2024

Miharu was a pretty cool secret character in Tekken 4... but obviously she was more of a Ling "palette swap" than anything else. 2D fighting games did it for years to introduce new characters, why can't 3D fighting games do the same? Xiaoyu's fighting style is a one of the best and most fluid styles of any fighting game, so even though Miharu is a "clone" character, she still shows off an awesome fighting style in T4.

Miharu's epic return in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was unexpected but done very well. Not only are flashy "Double Ling" tag combos now possible, but Miharu even has a few of her own moves now (including a few "classic" ones that Ling doesn't have anymore - a clever way to retool some moves)! Miharu also has several hilarious taunts & item moves (some of the best in TTT2, in fact). Visually, she started out as a simple schoolgirl, but her new outfit and customizations in TTT2 gave her plenty of new options.

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