Jae-Mo Kang


Hailing from Korea, Kang is man who trained himself to be wrestler to make use of his giant stature. When he was a kid, people used to make fun of him for being so big... Now a wrestler, he makes fun of people for being so small. He soon gained fame in the fighting and wrestling circuits due to his surprising agility. During one of his tours to California, he assisted a fight and met Mr. Jones. They became fast friends despite the language barrier between them.

 He became very successful as a wrestler, but also had other interests... Kang set out to pursue his real dream of becoming an action film-maker. He contacted his old friend Mr. Jones and established a company in America. He met up with Mr. Jones while he was shooting his last film, "Big Trouble in Groovy China", and Kang convinces him to sign up for his film. They both agree to take down the "Black Dragon" so they can get inspiration for their first film together.


Rage of the Dragons




Page Updated:  Dec. 20th, 2018

Kang is just hilarious. Pound for pound, he just might be the fattest fighting game character in existence. Just check out that gut! Daaamn! Ironically enough, he's kind of a "small" guy (especially in gameplay compared to other characters)... which might be on purpose, since Korean pro-wrestlers aren't usually known for being huge dudes. As funny as it is that he's a small fat guy, I think he'd be more visually impressive and more memorable if he was BIGGER... closer to The Blob from X-Men, for example. In any case, Kang's proportions and body type are unique to the fighting game world.

That said, Kang is one the most charismatic characters of Rage of the Dragons, if you ask me. Kang also actually retains a lot of his charisma during his animations and most of his moveset. His fighting style could've been fleshed out a lot more, but as the prominent "pro wrestler" of ROTD, he's an original design, at least... not to mention solid natural comic relief.

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