Mr. Jones


Mr. Jones is a retro and disco fanatic who aspires to be the spitting image of his childhood heroes from martial arts films. He travels from city to city to protect the weak and eventually earned a name for himself as a fighter and actor. However, his acting career took a hit when his latest film bombed in the box office. He is approached by his old friend, Kang, to make another film. Convinced that it was time for a major change, Mr. Jones aims his sights on the "ultimate challenge", the Black Dragon. 


Rage of the Dragons


Power Instinct Matrimilee



Page Updated:  Nov. 6th, 2019

While this stereotypical design has been done before in the fighting game realm, I'm cool with Mr. Jokes... and he's easily one of the most charismatic characters from ROTD. Indeed, both Tiger Jackson and Tony Umeda came before him... but Jones might have more personality than both of them combined. Besides, he's actually the first disco-loving freak to appear in a "2D" fighting game. Fun Fact: Jones's afro is the biggest out of the 3 disco fanatics... it's almost as if it was a goal of his to outdo his predecessors... "Outdo" (see what I did there?) XD

If you've seen the classic Bruce Lee movie, The Game of Death (who hasn't?), you'll know where his outfit was inspired from. Jones also resembles Jim Kelly's character from Enter The Dragon, and Jim Kelly even starred in a movie called "Black Belt Jones" a year after Enter The Dragon... can't be a coincidence. As "fabulous" as Mr. Jones looks, his 2D fighting style is kinda average. He's got a few entertaining mannerisms & attacks, but his animations could be better (and I wish he had more serious attacks). Aside from that, he does bring a memorable personality and charisma to the games he appeared in.

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