Jyazu (also spelled Jazu) is a crow demon. Jyazu is the true final boss of Kizuna Encounter. He was added in The King of Fighters XI to act as the boss counterpart for Sho Hayate. Not much is known about Jyazu aside from him being a member of Jaguar. He decorated his mask to resemble a crow monster in recognition of all the people he has killed. Kazuo, the "brother" Gozu and Mezu are trying to avenge, was actually killed by Jyazu. If certain conditions are met, he will challenge the final team. He has a gun hidden in his wrists, beneath his claws.


Kizuna Encounter


The King of Fighters XI


Page Updated:  July 8th, 2020

Jyazu was a sleeper character when he debuted Kizuna Encounter... most definitely an "oddball" design that only hardcore SNK fans would even remember. His original design had some interesting elements, but he was easily outshined by other characters in the Savage Reign series.

Jyazu's surprise crossover appearance in The King of Fighters XI was actually very well done.  Appearance-wise he's still a bit random... but SNK's reimaginging of the design worked really well in KOF. His updated moveset & animations in KOF XI look eons better than his Kizuna Encounter appearance. I think he's cooler looking than Gozu & Mezu, so SNK made a good choice bringing him back.

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