Jubei Yamada
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In the past, Jubei Yamada was such a fierce Judo warrior, that his prowess and skill that he released in his matches owned him the nickname of "The Demon". His young spirit and burning will was admired and respected by those who saw his fights. But that was long ago.

Now a giddly old man who passes his time eating cookies and taking care of his dojo, where he looks over the progress of his many students, Jubei has resorted to a more peaceful life. Having chosen to live away from the ways of fighting, Jubei rested in his dojo, with not too much effort spent. He spends his time with his old friend and rival Hanzo Shiranui, a Ninjitsu master and well trained in the ways of Koppo-ken. Hanzo had been training his granddaughter Mai in the Shiranui Ninjitsu style, but when he was approached by a young American boy called Andy Bogard who wanted to learn the Koppo-ken art, Hanzo left Mai to complete her training with Jubei. Jubei realized that Andy had a lot of potential to become a superb fighter, but he had more important tasks to do...

Several years have passed, and both Andy and Mai have became full grown-ups, and in love...the problem was that Andy denied any feeling he had for Hanzo's granddaughter, which was no trouble for Jubei at all, as the pervert he is, always takes his chance to contemplate Mai...fairly close. Hanzo had already died not long ago, so Jubei now had to look over both youngsters. But Andy was decided to return to his homeplace, in Southtown, where he would attempt to exact revenge from the man who killed his father, Geese Howard. Jubei had to convince Mai that Andy had to take that trip alone, in order to hone his skills learned from Hanzo, and that she would only end up distracting Andy. But that was just a mere excuse for Jubei to keep on pestering Mai, and also the cause for several backaches for Jubei (after getting smacked all over the place by Mai several times).

Andy returned to Japan shortly after, and Mai basked in rejoice. But the happiness was only temporal: Andy would only train so far as the next "King of Fighters" tournament which, as fate would have had it, would be organized by a descendant of a feared German noble bloodline, Wolfgang Krauser. Jubei knew what kind of twisted heritage the Strolheim clan had, so he knew what was coming in store for Andy if he ever gets his chance against Krauser. But Mai would be joining Andy in the tournament as well. Leaving Jubei all by himself, the lively geezer now chooses to come back from retirement, and take some action at last, seeing to the defeat of Krauser. After that occurs at the hands of the legendary Terry Bogard, Jubei gets incredibly tired by the fights in "The King of Fighters" tournament, and decides that fights are definitely not needed for him any longer. Rather than that, Jubei spends his time eating cookies, teaching his disciples, and constantly bothering Mai!

Even though his golden age has long been gone, Jubei refuses to sit back in a bed and wait for his death. Jubei likes to be where the action is, and always tries to live his remaining days as a youngster. Revived by the passion of other young fighters as Andy and Mai, Jubei takes a cue, and always takes to the fighting arena every now and then. He sure doesn't inspire as much fear as before, but he still remains the same old "demon" he has always been!


Fatal Fury 2

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Fatal Fury Special, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash 2


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Page Updated:  Apr. 26th, 2023

Jubei always struck me as a boring and kinda obnoxious character. Just look at that grill. Something about his face just makes you want to punch it... BURNNN KNUCKLE! Following Fatal Fury 2, Jubei's design seemed to rely heavily on comic relief... but I don't think many fans were laughing as much as they were getting annoyed by Jubei's cheap, poorly-animated moves and fighting style in Fatal Fury Special. He was easily one of the more boring and forgettable characters on the roster.

Anyhow, I'm glad SNK was smart enough to leave Jubei out of future Fatal Fury installments and KOF (besides a few background cameo appearances). This old man retired and should stay retired. But props to him for staying in shape, at least.

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