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Jann Lee
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Jann Lee fights from his soul, trained by a renowned master of martial arts. He shows up to battles where only the strongest of men fight. With a bird-like-cry, he strikes with his soulful "dragon attacks". Some think he is too self possessed, which keeps women from getting close to him.

When Jann Lee was very young, he was placed into a orphanage, either because his parents had died, or they left him there following their escape China's Maoist regime. Jann Lee seemed to have lived in poverty, have to wander the streets for food, and faced many hardships. In order to protect himself and replace the feelings of loss of his parents, Jann Lee taught himself how to fight from martial art movies; especially Bruce Lee's films. As he grew up, moved on from his feelings of loss, and he got skilled enough to get a job as a bouncer at a high class club, making a decent living for himself.

Six years before the first tournament, Jann Lee saved a young girl from a gang of thugs. Although she was very grateful for being saved, she felt that she could have handled the situation herself. This incident would start a strong obsession within the girl and a life being chased for Jann Lee.

Jann Lee entered the Dead or Alive Tournament for the sake of the fight. Now the self-taught master of Jeet Kune Do, he seeks the thrill of battle whenever he can. During the tournament, he meets the girl that he saved - Lei Fang - who is ready to defeat him to prove that she is a great fighter like him. However, Jann Lee wins and Lei Fang goes on to train harder.
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Dead or Alive

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Dead or Alive 2, DOA2: Hardcore, Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive 4, Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, Dead or alive 5: Last Round, Dead or Alive 6, Dead or Alive: Dimensions

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Page Updated:  Apr. 20th, 2024

Instead of this Jeet Kune Do-inspired fighter looking exactly like Bruce Lee (since Liu Kang, Fei Long, and Marshall Law have that covered)... Jann Lee looks your everyday generic white guy pretending to be Bruce Lee. Originality points? Hmm. Not sure it works that way.

Jann Lee's personality was always pretty bland... but I his moveset and animations hit where it counts. I'd argue that JKD / Bruce Lee animations are done better in other fighting games. For one, Jann Lee swings his arms a bit silly. Lord Bruce never swung his arms that much. Otherwise, Jann has some cool-looking moves for sure. Jann Lee is one of the better DOA characters overall, but his costumes, personality, and non-fighting mannerisms are just plain bland.

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