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Wild Daigo is an alternate version of Daigo Kazama, playable exclusively in Project Justice. In Project Justice, Daigo is the central character in the Gedo High story. After returning from a trip that takes place between Rival Schools and Project Justice, Daigo begins ordering his gang to attack random schools, much to the reluctance of Edge and Gan. When Daigo orders an attack on Seijyun High, Edge and Gan work with Akira and her Seiyjun classmates to stop him. It is then revealed that Daigo was brainwashed (Wild Daigo) by Kurow Kirishima in order to create discord between the schools. The Gedo High story has two endings in the game which portray different fates for Daigo - one ending has him break free of his brainwashing and take a leave of absence to reflect on himself, while the other has him succumb to injuries from fighting.

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Page Updated:  Mar. 17th, 2023

Wild Daigo is more-or-less a part of Daigo's design... so the rating stays the same. ;) Daigo's pissed-off, beastly version is definitely intimidating to say the least. His powered-up moves are hilariously, hilariously awesome. Worth mentioning, Wild Daigo shares some interesting similarities with KOF's Wild Iori.

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