Hydron / Nool


Hydron resides beneath the waves off the coast of Icelarn. Originally he was just a small squid that enjoyed playing small pranks on the local fishers, but then he met Valdoll. Valdoll increased both his size and power, making him a god among his own kind, although he still speaks with a slight stutter. With his new power he moves on the land of Icelarn itself, the only one standing in his way being Tessa. He is known as Nool in Japan.


Warzard / Red Earth

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Capcom Fighting Evolution, Capcom Fighting Collection


Page Updated:  July 17th, 2019

If you want to troll somebody in Capcom Fighting Evolution... pick Hydron. Deep in the vaults of Capcom's "oddball" character designs, you'll find this squid creature near the top of the list. Indeed, Hydron is a "WTF" design... even for Capcom. A giant sea snail with a trident? Wow. I suppose he's an original-looking RPG-like monster and naturally fits into Warzard as one of the baddies. However, the same can't be said about his Capcom Fighting Evolution appearance. He's beyond a "random" choice for that game, considering how many Street Fighter characters are in that game.

To assume the role of Captain Obvious for a few moments.... No, Hydron didn't quite fit in amongst the Street Fighter (and even Darkstalkers) cast of CFE. Hydron's appearance in that game was a pretty good reason that many players wouldn't take CFE too seriously as a game. It just seemed like Capcom was trolling us. On the flipside, Hydron also one of the reasons to play Capcom Fighting Evolution, because where else are you going to play as him? You're a true Capcom fan if you've gone a few matches with Hydron.

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