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Hauzer is a gigantic tyranosaurus rex brought back to life by the magic of Valdoll. His bones were buried in the kingdom of Greedia, so he naturally struck there first. Hauzer feels nothing and seeks nothing more than to destroy. He begins this endeavor by attacking the capitol of Greedia.


Warzard / Red Earth


Capcom Fighting Evolution, Capcom Fighting Collection


Page Updated:  May 11th, 2024

As far as mythical beasts go, Hauzer is a pretty damn cool monster design. He has some unique physical attributes that makes him stand out from your typical "T-Rex" you might have seen. Most importantly, as a 2D fighting game character... Hauzer is quite unique and packs some very interesting animations. For one, I love his light punch animation... epic stubby arms of death FTW!!!

Hauzer was a surprisingly entertaining character in Capcom Fighting Evolution. I'd even say he's one of the MAIN REASONS to play that game, actually. XD In what other game can you have Ryu versus some crazy T-Rex who breathes fire? Capcom Fighting Jam / Evolution had it's problems... but crazy match-ups like these made it worth some time. Hauzer makes a fun match-up against pretty much every single character in the game. Fighting with Hauzer against Zangief is always good times. On a side note: Hauzer would have wrecked shit in Primal Rage!

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