Gore Gajah
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Sorcerer with an enigmatic appearance who fights with plasma magic. In his research for plasma energy, he joined Bilstein's forces as the man had a large library of forbidden plasma info but he was also secretly bidding his time to back stab his master and take everything for himself. His plans go awry when his master commands him to retire the artificial girl he made. He rebelled and went into hiding with Luca. To avoid easy detection, he changed his appearance with plasma magic and went into leisurely seclusion, possibly marrying Luca as well.


Star Gladiator


Plasma Sword



Page Updated:  Oct. 11th, 2020

Talk about a fighting game "freak" design... holy hell. Well, in Capcom's twisted take on the Star Wars saga, you could say Gore somewhat resembles Yoda. Other than that, he's a very obscure (and hideously ugly) character. I don't see how he's in any way likeable... but he's definitely off the scale in the weird factor (following suit with many other Star Gladiator designs).

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