Gengoro Narazu


Gengoro is a high ranking member of the Shainto and a powerful swordsman. He is mentally and emotionally disciplined and has been with the Shainto since he was very young. Isohachi is one of his closest comrades.


Bushido Blade 2





Page Updated:  Oct. 7th, 2019

This traditional-looking samurai (at least in his default attire) made you feel like you were playing a real samurai game. Bushido Blade 2 was ahead of its time and did a lot of things right for a non-traditional fighting game. Authentic characters like this are definitely required for such a game. For that reason, I thought Gengoro was one of the best new designs introduced in Bushido Blade 2. He just looks like a badass... simple put.

Gengoro also takes on the role of the main "rival" character (rival of Kannuki) quite nicely. Considering the traditional origins of the series, Gengoro's attire and fighting style work perfectly. I also like the fact that you can't really tell if he's a good guy or a bad guy. It's ambiguous... which turns out to be a great element for a fighting game character design.

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