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A 28 year-old from Ryukyu Islands, Japan, Kannuki is an assassin whose entire village was slaughtered by Black Lotus, a fellow member of Kage. Upon discovering it was by Hanzaki's order, Kannuki sets out to destroy them both. Kannuki has a reputation that makes his opponents freeze with fear. His sub-weapon is the Tesson.
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Bushido Blade


Bushido Blade 2

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Page Updated:  June 6th, 2019

Kannuki struck me as sort of a "status quo" hero for Bushido Blade. He was an ambiguous, and somewhat simple design in the first Bushido Blade... which, to his credit, potentially made him likeable in some ways. His redesign of Bushido Blade 2 was a big change to the design. First of all, his hair was definitely inspired by that of Jin Kazama... (Tekken 3 was a smash hit in arcades of early 1997, and Bushido Blade 2 was released in 1998, so the evidence is there.) :) 

Overall, he has the typical "Ryu" personality... which had already been done enough times in the fighting game realm. Even though it was cool for fans to see him return in Bushido Blade 2, his new design was overshadowed by some the other, more colorful personalities of the game. 

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