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Appearing only in the original Street Fighter, Geki is Japanese ninja who fights with a bladed claw. He has the ability to teleport and is the first Street Fighter character with such an ability. Geki didn't do much in the main storyline and his origins are mostly unknown. It's possible Geki taught Vega Ninjutsu or some of his claw attacks (since Vega did travel to Japan to learn Ninjutsu), but even that is unknown. Some fans speculate that Geki is somehow related to Ibuki, but their true connection is also unknown.

In the UDON Comics mini-series for Ibuki, "Geki" refers to an entire clan of ninja who are the main antagonists. In the story, a Geki assassin with a claw attacks Ibuki, but is defeated. In UDON's SF2 comic, a Geki ninja takes on a mission to kill Gen; but is killed by Gen in his attempt (an event which happens in front of a young Chun-Li). However, these storylines are not canon. 
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Page Updated:  Sep. 15th, 2021

Street Fighter 1 was a difficult (and clunky) game... if you made it to Geki without already losing quarters, you were doing "pretty good". He was a tricky bastard, throwing ninja stars and disappearing. No doubt he took away many tokens from young children.

Geki is one of the few "original" Street Fighter characters who has yet to reappear in a sequel. He's a ninja after all... ninjas stay hidden. Makes sense. Clearly, Capcom's concept for this design went to Vega and Ibuki - who are both far more interesting and unique designs. I think if Capcom tried, they could reinvent Geki and bring him back up to speed. Looking at him now, Geki is very very generic when compared to most other fighting game ninjas. However, back in the late 80's... he wasn't too bad of a design. His weapon, for one, is pretty cool. You know, I always wondered if maybe Vega killed Geki... and stole his claw? Just sayin'... it could be the same claw (after Vega put some sick customizations on it).

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