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Gan Isurugi

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Gan is a very large and fun-loving guy with immense physical strength, which is the only thing worth his pride. On many other things, he is so simple-minded that he'll believe just about anything. And for that, he'll almost never notice if someone is taking advantage of him; he's an absolute dunce! He always looks forward to having three meals a day, each meal always having five cups of rice stacked on top of the other in his bowl. He borrows many techniques from Sumo Wrestling in his fighting style.

Gan is one of the Gedo gang member who joins Akira in investigating what happened to Daigo. Like Edge, he is initially distrustful of Akira, but eventually accepts her as part of the gang even after she reveals her true identity. His ending has him inspired by his experiences to begin studying hard in class, albeit without much success.

Gan's role is much similar to Edge's, with both being used to attack random schools and eventually help the gang leader break free of his brainwashing. The Gedo high ending reveals that Gan was the other gang member appointed to lead the gang in Daigo's absence.
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Rival Schools: United By Fate

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Project Justice, SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash 2

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Page Updated:  Feb. 18th, 2020

Gan definitely isn't your typical sumo wrestler design... and that's definitely a good thing in the fighting game world. Gan is a unique-looking design from the start... that's certainly an interesting, yet-somehow-badass visor. Ohh and look at that, he's wearing part of a freakin' barrel for a goddamn belt.... Holy shit! Yeah, you probably shouldn't f*ck with a guy who's wearing an effin' barrel. (Sorry for all the swearing, I was on a roll there). Hahaha. Gan is part of the reason I love Rival Schools, and he's most definitely a fitting "sumo fighter" for the series.

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