Fox is a called a psychopath by many. He's obsessed with his looks, dresses like a girl, and works for the Tylon corporation.

Bloody Roar




Page Updated:  Aug. 20th, 2019

Were you looking for Star Fox? LOL. Not what you were expecting aye? Fox from Bloody Roar is a pretty weird and potentially slightly disturbing design. Someone on the original Bloody Roar dev-team must've been into "furries". Ironic, since this character was around probably before SonicFox was born. Anyhow, "to each his own" ... but I think most people would find this design awkward, at best? Everyone besides SonicFox and other furries, that is? I dunno. In retrospect, this design was at least very "different" and unique for a 90's fighting game character.

In any case, Fox didn't return in any Bloody Roar sequels... which was really no surprise. Considering the year was 1997, fighting games were going in a really "cool" direction. A design like Fox was just... out there. Even 2 decades later in 2017, this design is still weird, but somehow slightly more acceptable? To each his / her own.

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