Daruma is a care-free wanderer who was once a legendary duelist that single-handedly annihilated an infamous family. When he is in Ritenkyo, he acts as the surrogate parent of Ran Po and Minto. One day, as Daruma returns to Ritenkyo, he notices the deterioration of the town (violence, robbery and murder are everyday affairs) and resolves to assume his past identity to punish the roots: the Three Blades of Domination.


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage





Page Updated: July 7th, 2013

Daruma is a creepy old geezer for sure. His voice is quite irritating, but mildly entertaining as well... respect to the voice actor. lol. Overall, Daruma lacks the "flash" that past characters of Samurai Shodown had. No doubt the Samurai Shodown series has seen much better "old man" designs.

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