Ran Po


Ran Po is an orphan raised in the streets of Ritenkyo. Because he was raised without moral discipline, he lives purely on instinct and doesn't know when he is being offensive. Though they're not related by blood, he considers Minto as his younger sister. When she doesn't appear at their home for ten days, Ran Po becomes worried and looks for her. He finds her with her friend, Mario, and they return home.

Socially awkward and territorial over "his city", Ran Po is a boy who doesn't trust others easily. He is cocky and proud of his strength, easily provoked into aggression by anything he hasn't seen before. Ran Po fights with a gigantic war hammer that is nearly twice the size as his body.

Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage




Page Updated:  Jan. 4th, 2014

Ran Po is a colorful Samurai Shodown design... like many before him, he makes a statement the moment you look at him. His modernized / traditional attire is somewhat catchy, and he contrasts his weapon nicely. Still, he can't quite live up to some of the greats of the series who came before him. As far as fitting into the Samurai Shodown series... I'd say he could more-so fit in to any random "out there / modern " anime, rather than a samurai fighting game.

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