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Crimson Viper
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C. Viper is a tough and smart female agent. Always business-like, she keeps her emotions in check at all times. Her special suit is packed with concealed weapons, allowing her to launch a variety of unexpected attacks. The gloves she wears metal knuckles that can be electrically charged, creating visual arcs of electricity when enough power is supplied. Her boots contain jets inside the arc, an feature a switch that activates temporary jet propulsion.

Though she is employed by S.I.N., Crimson Viper is actually a mole for an American intelligence agency investigating the BLECE project. As a S.I.N. operative, she is in charge of the "Battle Suit project," and enters the tournament to test the prototype. If the test proves successful, she will be reassigned to the BLECE project. Additionally, she's also on scout for potential recruits. Prior to the tournament, Seth orders Viper to attack Ryu to test his skills. The fight is interrupted by Cammy; afterwards, Viper defeats and tortures her in an attempt to enrage Ryu into giving into the Satsui No Hado. She is successful, but the surge of power destroys her monitoring equipment and she is forced to flee. Before the tournament, she is informed that members of a C.I.A. team which was investigating S.I.N.'s rumored links to Shadaloo have all been assassinated. Realizing that she alone must finish the mission, she infiltrates S.I.N.'s HQ searching for information. While there, she comes across a wounded Seth, who recognizes her as a CIA agent. She responds by finishing him off. 

Unfortunately the data pertaining to BLECE is destroyed by Cammy before Viper has a chance to copy it, resulting in several years of investigation disappearing into thin air. The data linking Shadaloo to S.I.N. is not destroyed, however, and is recovered by Chun-Li prior to the Facility's destruction. Returning back to the CIA, she reports to her superiors that "#15" (i.e. Seth) has been eliminated, and that the "remaining 26" are in her sights. She then returns home to her daughter Lauren.
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Street Fighter 4

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Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

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Page Updated:  Sept. 6th, 2022

Viper's visual design seems like a mix of several SNK girls. Even the SF4's producer himself said Viper was somewhat "KOF-inspired" and was a "cooler" character than what the SF series is used to... I have to agree! Overall, C. Viper brings a unique style to the SF series and has a very effective (and beautiful) fighting style under the control of a skilled player.

I was also glad to see that she made the cut for Marvel VS Capcom 3... she definitely has "super-heroine" qualities, and needless to say she's a perfect fit for the game! Out of all the "new" SF4 characters, she makes the most sense to appear in MVC3.

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