A former heavyweight champion, Burnov is 495-pound pro-wrestler from Detroit, known as "The Human Bomb". After learning of Koga Shuko's organization, Burnov quit wrestling and became one of Shuko's right-hand men. He has a rivalry with Abobo. Burnov was the first stage boss in Double Dragon II: The Revenge.

Double Dragon





Page Updated:  Mar. 29th, 2022

Burnov is probably one of the most memorable designs from the NeoGeo Double Dragon fighting game. He's got a beefy character sprite and a loud appearance, so he stands out. That belly, too. He reminds me of some great fat pro-wrestlers of the 80's and 90's. Big Van Vader... for one. 

Again, the fact that Burnov's sprite is bigger than other characters in the game gives him more screen presence. He's also got some flashy special moves and animations. I guess it pays to be BIG! In the realm of 90's video game wrestlers, Burnov is a pretty cool SNK wrestler design. A KOF crossover with Double Dragon would'a been cool. Burnov would make a cool KOF character, if you ask me. In retrospect, he and characters like Cheng paved the way for future fat characters in fighting games like Rufus and Bob. Something about a fat guy doing martial arts / pro-wrestling / crazy moves is quite entertaining in fighting games.

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