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He was originally known as "Abobo" from the Double Dragon series (the large dude who smashes through the wall on the first level)! He had a number of variations and colors, but was basically the same sprite throughout the game. In the 1995 Double Dragon fighting game, he works for Koga Shuko, the mastermind behind most of the violence in Bloody Town. At seven feet tall, sometimes Abobo's size and sheer strength is enough to deter his opponents, although his victories are constantly stolen by another gang member, Burnov, who gets along very poorly with Abobo.

He is known as Abubo in Rage of the Dragons, and is the final boss of the game. Abubo even has some of his old moves from Double Dragon (his upward fist smash being one of them). He also appeared in the game "Battletoads and Double Dragon" and appeared in the Double Dragon movie.

Double Dragon

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Rage of the Dragons

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Page Updated:  Oct. 4th, 2022

I definitely remember this dude from Double Dragon... Abobo started out as your typical generic meathead, but a true classic bad guy in the Double Dragon series. (His oddly-shaped head was always particularly memorable.) Abubo's design was somewhat reinvented in the 1995 Double Dragon fighting game, and then completely revamped once again in 2002's Rage of the Dragons.

His comical ROTD redesign was definitely... odd. By those proportions, it's pretty safe to assume he's even human anymore. lol. Either Abubo is some breed of alien-gorilla or he needs to cut back on daily dose of steroids. Btw, who the hell wears a pink tank top and pink shoes anyway? I guess when you're that big, it doesn't matter what the hell you wear... not like anyone's gonna make a comment to him about his fashion sense. lol. 

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