Brad Burns


In the kickboxing world, a new style is being created. A newcomer, Brad Burns, suddenly appeared and won many successive victories. Because of his good looks, he has many female fans. What's more, he likes to go out with such girls at night after his battles and present a charming personality. In the ring, his manner is the opposite of his social self, and he overwhelms opponents with sharp attacks. Quickly he was rising to the champion's seat. After becoming the undefeated champion, there was nobody in his region left to do battle with, so he began to look for his next stage. About that time, a woman told him about the World Fighting Tournament. It is a different kind of martial-arts fighting, and he wanted the thrill of an especially heated fight. Thus, he determined he would participate in the tournament.

Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

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Virtua Fighter 5, Virtua Fighter 5 R, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, VF5: Ultimate Showdown



Page Updated:  May 30th, 2021

Even though Brad has some awkward win quotes, he's got a lot more personality than most veteran VF characters... you gotta love (or hate) his  blatant, over-exaggerated cockiness. Brad's various outfits are simple, but are also pretty cool. In general, he's a cool looking fighter. More importantly, his fighting style is very dynamic and, in my opinion, one of the best & most fun-to-use styles in the series.

However, it should be pointed out that Steve Fox came first... After Tekken 4, Sega pretty much said "Hey guys, let's put a Steve Fox with kicks in VF4:Evo." Brad's hairstyle and clothing style definitely favor Steve's a bit... not to mention Brad kindly borrowed the "1-button multi-dodge concept" button introduced by Steve in Tekken 4. On that note, the Tekken series may have been inspired by VF in the early years, but one can't deny that VF started ripping a few pages from Tekken later on.

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