Monday, May 31st, 2021


VF5:US Customize / Online Lobby / Retro Skins Gameplay


The newest official trailer for VF5: Ultimate Showdown / VF eSports confirms the return of the game's highly detailed Character Customize mode. Full details on the Customization mode aren't yet known, but the new trailer shows off a variety of custom characters to give you an idea of what's possible. [UPDATE] Customize mode features a full Color Edit mode and around "2000 types" of customizations. Furthermore, the trailer briefly previews Online Lobbies and demonstrates how spectators can use "stamps" while watching matches to communicate with others in the lobby. Last but not least, the video has plenty of gameplay and boasts high-quality (1080p / 60fps) footage of the Retro Skins DLC, which will be available at launch (June 1st) for about $10. 

            Also watch the VF5: Ultimate Showdown Opening Movie!

 Source:  VF Official Channel              Related Tweet: @Fighters Gen

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All official character renders from the upcoming Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown have been released. The new renders are a nod to the classic ones from 2006's Virtua Fighter 5, so seeing these recreations for the "remake" are pretty cool for old school 3D fighting game fans who remember them. In addition to new artwork for all 19 playable characters, the VF5:US design team even created one for boss character, Dural.
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