Thursday, May 27th, 2021


VF5: Ultimate Showdown Gameplay / Graphics Comparison Trailer, Legendary Retro Skins DLC


Today, Sega dropped a second Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown trailer featuring new gameplay footage and a graphics comparison. The second trailer shows off the remastered visuals, comparing character models and stages from the original version to the remake, and also confirming "hit sparks" were added (for the first time in series history) to enhance impact when attacks connect. Additionally, a day one DLC pack was announced containing Retro Skins based on the original VF1 character models! The Legendary Pack will contain 1993-inspired blocky character models for all 19 fighters and even comes with a "Classic UI" option. The Legendary Pack will cost about $10 and will be available at launch. After the game's 2 months on PlayStation Plus, VF5:US will retail for $30. An arcade version will also launch in Japan on June 6th, followed by a pro tour to bring the series back into the competitive scene. Watch the latest trailer and take a look at some new screenshots below!


Graphics Comparison Image


(click to open full-size version in new window.)



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