POSTED:  Sunday, November 29th, 2020                     (11/30/2020)

SoulCalibur 6 Hwang HD Screenshots, Character Art


Yesterday, Bandai Namco announced Hwang as Soul Calibur VI Season 2's final DLC fighter, dropping his reveal trailer and release date (Dec. 2nd, 2020). Today, we get to check out official HD screenshots of the new Hwang! Old school SoulCalibur fans will notice Hwang's new look in SC6 is a significant diversion from his earlier appearances. Interestingly, some elements of Hwang's SC6 visual design resemble that of a Bloodborne Hunter (a character who was ironically on my wishlist for a new SC6 guest character as published on TFG's review since last year). (That's not the first time this has happened either... Thanks for making dreams come true in interesting ways, Bandai Namco.)

Without further ado, enjoy these official Ultra HD screenshots of Hwang's latest fighting game appearance! [UPDATE] Added additional screens and official character illustrations by Takuji Kawano.


As a bonus, here's a screenshot of Hwang's stage "Motien Pass Ruins" (as seen in the trailer) also releasing on December 2nd, 2020.

Click Here for Hwang's SC6 bio / storyline!

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 Sources:  SoulCalibur (Twitter)   

Hwang Revealed for SoulCalibur VI Season 2

Hwang will join SoulCalibur VI on December 2nd, 2020. Alongside Hwang, a new stage called "Motien Pass Ruins", Seong Mi-na's classic costume parts, and new story mode episodes will also be added to the game for free. Additionally, new TEKKEN character creation parts will also become available. Check out Hwang's reveal trailer!
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