Saturday, November 21st, 2020

The King of Fighters XV Information Coming Early 2021


KOF fans have been waiting patiently for details on SNK's confirmed yet secretive new installment of their flagship 2D fighting series, The King of Fighters XV. News on the project has been absolutely scarce nonexistent since SNK confirmed KOF XV was in development back in August 2019. Thanks to a recent interview with SNK's Yasuyuki Oda, we now know that new KOF XV information will be arriving in "Early 2021"... also known as Q1 2021. AKA possibly in two or three months time. We're trying to be thorough with the few details we have here.

In an interview about Netmarble's hit mobile title, KOF: All-Star, Oda-san was asked, "Many players are concerned about the new developments of KOF. Can you please tell us something about it?"

Oda replied, "It is currently under active development and the team is expected to release some information early next year (2021). Stay tuned!" The remainder of the interview only contained content and dialogue regarding KOF: All-Star.




... I wish there was more to tell you about KOF XV at this time, but it appears SNK is doing a good job keeping the project under lock and key (and completely safe from leaks unlike Capcom). KOF fans will have to wait just a bit longer... so please continue blankly staring at the above logo for another year (jk).

As with many other game devs, it's very likely SNK's development on KOF XV was hindered due to COVID-19. That said, let's continue to be patient fighting game fans and continue celebrating the awesome KOF titles we already have.

Stay tuned on Fighters Gen for more KOF XV news and future reveals!


 Source:  YeMaster (Twitter)            TFG Twitter Post:  @Fighters_Gen

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